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Engineer your future and build your college-level engineering & technology skills at Rice ELITE Tech Camp.

Hosted on the campuses of Rice University, UCLA, or Emory University.

Benefits of Attending Rice ELITE Tech Camp 

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Uncover Your Potential: Rice ELITE Tech Camp provides college-level instruction in engineering & technology fundamentals, equipping high school students with the tools they need to prepare for their next educational and career steps.

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Summer 2023 Course List

In this course, you’ll explore the foundations of guiding, navigating, and controlling things in a 3D world. Coursework will include hands-on examples of the underlying principles in self-driving cars.

NEW! Self-driving technology: Guidance, Navigation, and Controls

In this course, you’ll focus on design and use of electric motors in automation (including robots). The course will explore motor types and how to select the right type for the application.

NEW! Robotic engineering: adding robot muscles to your inventive ideas

In this course, you’ll learn to solve thermal energy problems like a mechanical engineer as you develop your own Python code to model temperature changes when food is cooked and predict when it reaches a temperature that is safe for consumption. This work is conducted every day by companies such as Proctor & Gamble, NASA, and Tesla.

Learning Python to Solve Engineering Problems

In this course, you’ll learn how to design a 3D environment and how to prepare files for DFaM (design for additive manufacturing). You’ll design and build your own, unique 3D model and watch it come to life in the 3D printer.

3D Modeling & 3D Printing

In this course, you’ll study the concepts of fluid mechanics that allow scientists to design smaller, faster, and more economical rockets. Then, you’ll work on your programming skills in C++ to put these concepts to life as you test rocket design parameters and the effect of spaceflight on the human body.

Learning C++ for Human Spaceflight Engineering

In this course, you’ll learn how to apply a data-based mindset to plan for college, with an emphasis on careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Data Analytics for STEM College Success

In this course, you’ll learn how machine learning and statistics predict how consumer markets perform. You’ll use R programming to visualize and analyze data and gain hands-on experience in understanding how technology companies are using data to transform our world.

Data Detectives: Data Science in Consumer Market

In this course, you’ll study different Applied Machine Learning concepts, code examples in Python and MySQL, and deploy your code for testing. You’ll walk away from this course understanding how technology is applied in multiple different industries.

Internet of Things, Machine Learning, & Python

In this course, you’ll use Python to design and implement a neural network algorithm capable of classifying structure images as damaged and determine the level of damage. Work like this is essential to civil engineers in charge of designing, constructing, and maintaining highways, bridges, and other important infrastructure.

Deep Learning: Deploying AI to Maintain Smart Cities

Rice ELITE Tech by the numbers

100% of parents said their students’ experience met or exceeded their expectations

97% of students agreed that their instructor(s) had a strong knowledge of the curriculum & activities

97% of students said their course(s) gave them a deeper knowledge base of the program content




Hear From Our Students and Parents

The biggest thing for me was learning how to code with C++ and connecting the coding process to other fields like math and physics. The course helped me understand this process as well as thinking critically to code solutions to math and physics problems. Quote by Osman P., Sophomore.
The course exceeded my expectations in terms of learning, atmosphere, and providing me with a better understanding of future learning and career paths. Quote by Sebastian C., Senior.

Results from a recent Rice ELITE Tech Camp student and parent participant survey

Rice ELITE Tech Camp is a week-long program of intensive STEM activities and engineering design challenges for high school students.

Developed by Rice University’s Center for Engineering Leadership, the Rice ELITE Tech Camp provides college-level instruction in engineering & technology fundamentals, equipping students with the tools they need to prepare for their next educational and career steps.

Sessions include a hands-on curriculum that allows students to employ technical, scientific, and analytical concepts to solve real-world problems.

Summer 2024 sessions for residential and day students will be held at Rice University in Houston, University of California in Los Angeles, and Emory University in Atlanta. Virtual course options are also available!

Make Connections: Build a valuable network with Rice University’s world-renowned instructors and high-achieving peers.

Reach Your Goals: Empowers students to develop critical skills such as problem-solving, creative thinking, and confidence to serve them on the path to college and career success.

Work on Real Tech Challenges: AI, Coding, Robotics, Self-Driving Vehicles, Space Flight Engineering, Data Science, and more!

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Summer 2024 Sessions:

June 16  |  June 23  |  July 7  |  July 14

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